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Pre- Treatment


Each time you come in for treatment, we will ask you a series of questions. These questions are designed to gather information so we can decide if it is safe to treat you today, if the timing of today's treatment is right and how your skin reacted after your last treatment. Frequently, you will be asked these again by a second team member, we may receive additional information because thinking about your answers helps you recall additional information.

These questions will include health changes, important upcoming events, sun exposure/UV exposure, tattoos/permanent cosmetics, any skin reactions and how long you were hair free after your last treatment. Remember that all of these questions are to keep your skin safe and ensure effective treatments.


When you arrive at the center, you will be greeted and asked to sign in. Once they are ready for you, you will be called back. We use our client's first names for confidentiality purposes, but if you would prefer to be called by something else, please let us know.

A technician will walk you back to a prep room and ask you to remove any items of clothing necessary for today's treatment and let you know that one of us will return shortly. Drapes are provided and we will always knock and wait for you to answer before re-entering the room. We will then ask you the pre-treatment questions. Once we have determined that we can safely treat you, the area being treated will be shaved. Shaving is necessary to ensure that the laser energy is not absorbed by hair sitting on top of the skin, but rather attacted to the hair follicle beneath the skin. Click here to learn more on the Myths of Shaving. The area will also be marked as a treatment guide and to ensure that we treat the same area each time. If you would like to shave yourself prior, that is acceptable, but we do need you to leave a quarter size patch of hair so that we may assess the color and texture of the hair. During this time, a settings specialist will come in to determine the settings the laser will be set at for your treatment. She will ask you additional questions to help determine this.

Once all this is complete, you will be taken to another room for treatment. You will be given protective eyewear and the technician will be wearing eyewear as well. A cool or frozen gel will be applied to the treatment area to assist in cooling the skin and minimizing discomfort, as well as to aid the handpiece in gliding across your skin. An air chiller will also be used to blow cold air across your skin to aid in keeping it cool. The technician will direct you if she needs you to move in a certain position and she may also move the bed to allow her to reach the areas being treated.

When your treatment is complete, the technician will turn off the laser and the air chiller and allow you to remove your eyewear. She will remove the gel and markings in the area and apply a moisturizer and sunscreen to the area. She will then have you get dressed while she cleans up the room and completes the treatment documentation. She will also provide you with post treatment instructions. Once you are dressed, she will walk you to the front to check out.

If at any time, you have questions about what we are doing or how your treatments are progressing, please ask. We want you to understand the process and are here to help you.

Post Treatment Care


Your skin in the treated area may become slightly red or puffy within several minutes of completing treatment. This response is very normal and should return to normal within a few hours. For the next few weeks, it may look as if your hair is growing, this is actually the dead hair pushing out of the skin. This process can take 2-3 weeks and occassionally even longer. We encourage you to exfoliate the area with light friction and moisturize using a creamy non-scented lotion.

Once the dead hair has pushed out completely, you should have a hair free time where no hair is growing. This can last from a few days to several weeks, depending on the area of the body treated. Faces grow back more quickly than other areas.

You may shave as often as you would like between treatments, but no plucking, waxing or use of depilatories for at least 30 days before your next treatment. Skin reactions can occur, most are very mild and easily resolved and while serious reactions are rare, they need prompt and continuous attention. After numerous years in business, we know how to get the best resolutions for your skin, so please allow us to take care of you. If you have a skin reaction, no matter how mild or serious, call us! We want to help you. After hours information is on all center answering machines.

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