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It can be confusing with so many places offering Laser Hair Removal. What makes on place different from another and how do you know what to ask? We understand and want to help you. The following questions should be asked of any laser hair removal provider, doctor's office and even in our own centers.

How much experience does the provider have performing laser hair removal?
Experience is probably the most important factor influencing how well a laser hair removal company will be able to meet your needs. Laser hair removal is a fairly complex process that is both an art and a science. Because there is no magic formula for perfect hair removal, experience is the best teacher. An experienced company has had the time to refine the specific mix of using the right equipment, treatment guidelines, laser settings and personal evaluation needed to have a safe and effective hair removal experience. It is not recommended that you use any company with less than 5 years experience performing laser hair removal. Smooth Solutions has been in business since 1997, when the FDA first approved pigment targeting lasers for hair removal.

What is the primary focus of the company or doctor providing the laser hair removal service?
There are those who offer laser hair removal as a compliment to their other spa services and there are those who focus primarily on it. It is often found that companies who focus primarily on laser hair removal provide the most effective and affordable laser hair removal treatments. They are typically more efficient at performing the treatment since this is their primary focus. Smooth Solutions chooses to focus primarily on laser hair removal, but has added other services based on demand from our clients. These additional services are meant to compliment laser hair removal and your soft, smooth skin, yet our primary focus remains laser hair removal.

What laser is being used?
Many companies rely on flashy marketing mixed with limited clinical studies to sell their machines. Unfortunately, this approach has flooded the market with machines that are not truly effective at removing hair. Just because a laser is widely used in the marketplace does not mean that it is neccessarily the best laser for hair removal. Also, many providers use a "one size fits all" laser that they use for a variety of services. This is an inexpensive way for them to offer laser hair removal in addition to various skin and facial treatments. It is far better to be treated on a laser designed specifically for hair removal. You will have a much better chance of getting a truly effective treatment for your money. The two technologies most widely accepted by experts are the Alexandrite (for lighter skin tones) and the Nd:YAG (for darker skin tones). Smooth Solutions uses Candela Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers which were designed specifically for laser hair removal and that are considered by many experts as the premier laser for hair removal. We have owned, operated or studied many types of lasers. To see a comparison of lasers, click here.

Is the facility certified and are the technicians certified by the State of Texas?
In 2011, the State of Texas passed new rules for Laser Hair Removal (Texas Administration Code 289.302) to regulate the industry. Smooth Solutions is proud to be one of the companies that pushed for this type of regulation for the industry. All facilites must be certified by the state through the Texas Department of Health, except for a doctor's office that also practices medicine, as well as every technicain performing treatments. It is important to note that laser hair removal is NOT the practice of medicine and just because a provider is a doctor or nurse, does not mean that they truly understand laser hair removal. At Smooth Solutions, all of our facilities are certified as well as every single technician that performs treatments. They have gone through a rigorous internal training program (that has been certifed by the state) and continuous on going training and evaluation to ensure safe and effective treatments.

How are treatments priced?
Price is an important factor to consider when shopping for laser hair removal. Make sure that the prices are based on the body site being treated rather than the amount of time needed to laser that area. Otherwise, the technician may go more slowly during treatment to make more money. Also, make sure the company will allow you to pay per treatment rather than being locked into a large package. It is ok if you are offered a package as long as you can still pay per treatment if needed or desired.
There are a lot of Daily Deals, etc. that are offered for laser hair removal companies. On some of them do you look at the price and say it looks too good to be true? You may be right. Keep in mind that if a company sells a lot of these, they may actually be unable to provide the service in a safe and effective manner as most companies are not prepared to deal with a large volume of clients. Also, if you need more treatments than what was on the deal, the price will be significantly higher.
At Smooth Solutions, we believe price does matter. Our prices are extremely affordable every day of the year while still ensuring safe and effective treatments.

Lastly, make sure you take the time to understand how laser hair removal works, so that you are prepared to ask informed questions of laser hair removal providers. For more information on how it works, click here.

Critical Questions to Ask Any Laser Hair Removal Provider