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Everyone has questions, so we have listed some of the commonly asked ones. We are always here to help you, so if you have a question, ask us. We are happy to answer it for you.

Why does Laser Hair Removal not work for blonde, gray or white hair? The laser is attracted to pigment (melanin) in the hair causing the follicle to overheat and disable it. Since there is no dark pigment in these hair colors, the laser cannot see it and cannot cause the reaction needed to disable the follicle. We have tested every laser technology for hair removal on the market and there is no laser technology that can effectively treat these hair colors.

Why can’t I have treatments while I’m pregnant? The hormones of pregnancy can often accelerate the hair growth cycles and reduce the effectiveness of laser hair removal. You may resume treatments 30 days after giving birth. This time allows your hormones to return to their normal levels.

How much training do the technicians receive? Our extensive training program developed by our Medical Director and Clinical Director includes over 100 hours of training in both classrooms settings and hands on experience. It is considered by many as one of the best in the business and is certified by the State of Texas.

How many treatments will I need? The average number of treatments for most areas is five to seven, however it is important to remember that this is only an average. Some sites, especially faces, tend to require more due to hormonal factors, hair depth and density. Plus everyone’s body is different and may respond differently to Laser Hair Removal, different sites on the same body can even respond differently. This is why we offer supplemental pricing. Any treatments after number six are considered supplemental and drop in price from their regular price.

Do you “guarantee” that my hair will be gone with a certain number of treatments like other companies do? We do not use the word “guarantee”. It is important to note that Laser Hair Removal takes time and is a process that can vary by individual based on their own body chemistry. If you are not getting results after the average number of treatments for the area, we will evaluate you and work with you to get results. This is also why we provide supplemental pricing for treatments after number six. Most other companies' “guarantees” are really just a different way of wording a supplemental program once you read the fine print. Some clients may go a few years without any hair growth after a series of treatments and then all of a sudden a few hairs may pop out. This has to do with hormones and part of the reason we offer our supplemental pricing structure.

Can I get cancer from the lasers used? The wavelength used on our lasers is not powerful enough to cause DNA damage. If that were the case, all of our team members would have to wear radiation counters and protection.

When I get treated, they often move which type of laser I am treating on, why? We use Candela lasers, considered by many as the gold standard for Laser Hair Removal. We operate two different types, the Alexandrite and the ND:Yag. Each has a different wavelength and they have been designed for different skin tones/colors. Those with lighter skin will be treated on the Alex and those with darker skin will be treated on the Yag. Some people's skin color changes depending on time of year due to sun exposure. We may need to move you to a different laser based on this. It is all about keeping your skin safe. Also, some body parts may be darker than others and you may treat on both lasers depending on the color of the skin in the area.

Why do the intervals between my treatments get longer and longer? Since only 30% of your hair is active at one time, we space your treatments out to ensure that the treatment is effectively disabling hair follicles every time. The spacing of treatments also allows the remaining hair to get as thick as it is going to get, making for a more effective treatment. Where you are at in the treatment cycle will determine how long you will wait between treatments. Through our extensive experience, our physicians have determined that this spacing achieves the best results ensuring that every treatment you receive is a good one.

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