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Permanent Hair Removal
So what makes Smooth Solutions different from other laser hair removal centers?

We are in the business to help you get rid of unwanted hair, period!
No fancy gimicks, no big Hollywood stars, just a team of dedicated and friendly professionals helping you in your quest to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Anyone can sell a package at any price, but it takes dedication to put being good at laser hair removal ahead of selling. Our prices have always been some of the best in the business and continue to be today.

Come see the difference for yourself and find out why so many of our clients refer their family and friends.

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The Smooth Solutions Story

In 1997, the FDA approved pigment targeting lasers to be used for permanent hair reduction. Smooth Solutions was founded in the late summer of 1997 by Dr. Kimberly Finder and her husband, Dr. Steven Finder, with the goal of providing high quality Laser Hair Removal at affordable prices. We focus on delivering safe and effective treatments with real results.

We began with one laser and three team members. Today, we operate multiple locations, all with multiple lasers. We have studied and tested every technology on the market for Laser Hair Removal and use Candela Lasers, that have proven to be the most effective for laser hair removal. We continue to test and evaluate new technology as it becomes available.

We are the most experienced Laser Hair Removal company in Texas, completing well over 650,000 treatments in just a handful of locations all owned and operated by the same medical director. Our unmatched experience has allowed us to develop cutting edge protocols and advanced training systems that help us get you results more quickly and more effectively than most of our competitors. Since our inception, our physicians have helped develop leading therories about laser hair removal and how to achieve the best results. They have also been involved, with others in the industry, in ensuring that all providers in Texas are licensed and certified by the State of Texas. Our internal training program is one of the best and is also approved by the state. Due to their experience, our physicians are often called on by other providers for questions on protocols and other related issues.

We have continued to focus primarily on Laser Hair Removal, but have added other services to compliment your skin care and enhance your smooth skin.